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Ms. Mizutori, who is also the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction, also highlighted the importance national strategies to strengthen resilience and mitigate natural hazard risks, a call made in the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.,zuluprediction,The revision reflects strong growth in developed countries due to accelerating wage increases, broadly favourable investment conditions and the short-term impact of a fiscal stimulus package in the United States.,Mr. Walsh said that by keeping people from the age of three all the way through their lives safe online, “you actually help business to function properly, you keep power grids and power safe, you create an element of behavior that allows people to bring all the benefits of the interne, open free and prosperous Internet to keeping them safe.”.

As displaced families try to return, the poorest often have little choice but to live in the ruins of their homes, in conditions that are hazardous to children. More than 21,400 homes have been destroyed or damaged in Mosul alone, according to UN figures.,“We have documented many cases where counter-terrorism legislation and other criminal provisions have been used to harass, arrest, detain and convict civil society actors in Türkiye, including Dr. Fincancı, on spurious grounds”, the experts said in a statement.,The Secretary-General’s opening address, which draws from his yearly report on the work of the Organization, stressed that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offer a path to a better future, and that with the Paris Agreement on climate change, the “defining challenge” of our time can be tackled.,mumbai indians social media.

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Six weeks since Russia invaded its neighbour, the UN Children’s Fund, UNICEF, said that imports have been disrupted to the Middle East and North Africa – where more than 90 per cent of food comes from abroad.,mumbai indians snake on ground,In fact, young people played a key part in shaping the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and they, as agents of change, are expected to lead efforts to translate this vision into reality..

This was notably the case with regard to securing greater international aid access into the largely opposition-held region, and the easing of sanctions on the Syrian Government, Mr. Pedersen told journalists.,WFP is working to provide life-saving food, cash and voucher assistance to three million of the most vulnerable people who can no longer meet their food needs due to the unprecedented economic meltdown.,mumbai indians social media,Concluding her remarks, Ms. Espinosa also pledged that she will uphold good practices in her Office, ensuring its geographical representation, gender parity, and total transparency in its administrative and financial management..

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The country is in the grip of a serious economic crisis which has had a severe impact on the human rights of all communities. ,Mr. Türk previewed a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in March where, for the first time, children from different regions will join him for a panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities they face in exercising their rights in the digital space. ,This quality-difference can be illustrated by looking at the number of students per teacher, in primary schools. Sub-Saharan Africa has, on average, 39 pupils per teacher while in developed regions, there is an average of one teacher for every 16-18 primary school pupils..

zuluprediction,Renewable energy, such as wind and solar, has brought costs down and opening opportunities for electricity in rural areas, accelerating rural development.,According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), iron deficiency has become a significant public health problem in Palestine, especially among children under five..

“It is a win-win opportunity which governments must seize,” said Abdou Dieng, UN World Food Programme (WFP) Regional Director for West and Central Africa. “Children enjoy healthy meals that make it more likely that they will stay in school and learn for a better future, while jobs are created and businesses develop.”  ,Composed of arid and semi-arid areas, Mandera County forms part of a cross-border region between Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia where pastoralist communities are highly vulnerable to recurrent droughts that degrade rangelands and reduce access to traditional grazing areas.,The publication was presented today at a conference in Kigali, Rwanda. The event is part of ongoing FAO-supported work in the country, along with UN Women and other development partners, aimed at enabling women to benefit more from agri-food chains, a project geared to allowing women small traders access useful information as well as start-up capital..

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The number of internally displaced people reached 1.9 million at the end of April, UNHCR said, citing government figures.,mumbai indians snake on ground,Businesses contribute to the 2030 Agenda in important ways: as engines of employment; through technological innovation; as sources of finance; and with market-based solutions that bring opportunities for women, young people and vulnerable groups, she said. .

As prices keep healthy meals out of reach, some 61 per cent of households are regularly using coping strategies to cut down on costs, such as reducing the amount they eat and consuming increasingly less nutritious meals. ,“Improving the health of our oceans is a test for multilateralism, and we cannot afford to fail,” the Secretary-General said addressing his first major UN conference since taking on his post.,mumbai indians social media,Observed each 17 October, it acknowledges the effort and struggle of the more than 700 million people worldwide living on less than .90 a day..

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This was the first execution of a protester convicted for taking part in the recent anti-government unrest sparked by the death in custody of Mahsa Amini for violating strict dress codes, according to news media. ,zuluprediction,“Recent digital currency shocks in the market suggest that there are private risks to holding crypto, but if the central bank steps in to protect financial stability, then the problem becomes a public one,” UNCTAD said. ,The Taliban militant group, which ruled the country from the late 1990s to 2001, regained control after international troops withdrew in August and the Afghan Government collapsed, prompting concern that they would reimpose a harsh interpretation of Islamic law that prohibits girls from attending school..

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mumbai indians social media

The Forum has been organized by the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) – the Vienna-based UN entity promoting international cooperation in the peaceful use and exploration of space – in partnership with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Space Agency.,With innovation playing a key role in the bio sector, she said,  all the knowledge – traditional and new – should be equally shared and supported.,“The situation is extremely dire and grim: 7.1 million people are going to be affected by this drought situation before the end of this year,” said the Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia, Adam Abdelmoula..

zuluprediction,The UN chief called for improved international cooperation; more support for developing countries – by providing financial assistance, and relieving or postponing foreign debt – and for economies to be steered towards inclusive and green growth.,With innovation playing a key role in the bio sector, she said,  all the knowledge – traditional and new – should be equally shared and supported..

Initial projections were based on data limited to February and expectations that East Asia would bear the brunt of the immediate economic impact - but with the virus spreading worldwide and with many countries in lockdown mode, a far greater shock on supply and demand looks inevitable, it said.,“Without food, without jobs, without their rights protected, we will see more and more Afghans fleeing their homes in search of a better life. The flow of illicit drugs, criminal and terrorist networks will also likely increase”, Mr. Guterres warned. ,Production and consumption activities lie at the core of our societies and our global economy, delegates heard. Ensuring that they are driven by sustainable policies and practices is therefore crucial in achieving many other goals of the Sustainable Development 2030 Agenda such as poverty alleviation, carbon emission reduction and general environmental protection..

“By adopting the 2030 Agenda, Bosnia and Herzegovina has committed itself to initiating a systematic monitoring and supervision process for the implementation of this global agenda that integrates the social, economic and environmental dimension of development” he said, adding that its successful implementation “requires an agreement on foreseeable coherent and sufficient funding”.  ,According to new analysis from UNCTAD, the UN trade and development body, commodity-rich exporting countries will face a trillion to trillion drop in investment from overseas in the next two years. ,“You bear the responsibility for formulating national budgets that support national sustainable development strategies that are fully aligned with the 2030 Agenda. You can set your fiscal policies to create positive incentives for longer-term sustainable investments and a transition to sustainable, equitable and inclusive growth,” he said..

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Ms. Singhateh will present a report of her findings and recommendations to the Council in March.,Describing the breadth of the challenge as the “3S” menace – the scale, speed, and scarcity of means – he said that to cope with the current influx into urban areas, “every week, we would have to build one new city for a population of one million people, with ,000 per family. And if we don’t solve this equation, it is not that people will stop coming to cities – they are going to keep coming – but they will live in awful conditions.”,Mr. Türk said such measures, if implemented, may amount to collective punishment, which is “expressly prohibited” under international humanitarian law and “incompatible” with international human rights law. .

zuluprediction,“The impact analysis of different policy scenarios featured in the report make it clear that SDGs cannot be achieved through protectionist policies,” said ESCAP Executive Secretary Shamshad Akhtar launching the report in Bangkok.,“Countries should minimize trade distortions, strengthen the provision of public goods, and enable the private sector to contribute meaningfully to improved food security outcomes,” they advised. .

“I think if poverty had a face, it would be the face of a rural woman,” IFAD’s newly-appointed vice-president Cornelia Richter told UN News.,Blaming a deadly combination fighting, climate change, COVID-19 and rising food and fuel costs, he said, “Mothers are telling me that with the upcoming winter they are caught between a rock and a hard place”.,Addressing the Assembly’s annual general debate, President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez criticized the United States – “one of the major polluters of yesteryear and today” – for “refusing to accompany the international community in the implementation of the Paris Agreement.”.

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“The challenge for policymakers is to deal holistically with a number of areas – from connectivity and payment solutions to skills and regulations,” she explained. ,“Reaching the 2030 Agenda and lessening the burden of non-communicable diseases requires early, widespread action at every level.”,During the event, the UN chief noted “the strong bond between India and the United Nations” and told UN staff assembled there that the UN’s work in India, cannot be “business as usual”..


zuluprediction,According to WHO, at least half the world’s population do not have coverage for full essential health services, with about 100 million people living on .90 or less a day because they have to pay for health care.,The Panel’s online call for contributions, which is open until 31 January 2019, has already yielded close to 100 written submissions from 33 countries..

The idea of establishing a capacity-building institution dedicated to the least developed countries (LDCs) came out of the LDC Istanbul Conference in 2011 and was included in the world’s action plan to eliminate poverty when the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was adopted by UN Member States in 2015.  ,“I think we need to raise the alarm.  Not only are things getting worse than expected, what we are witnessing in the world is more dramatic than the worst forecasts that scientists have made a few years ago,” he added.,The revision reflects strong growth in developed countries due to accelerating wage increases, broadly favourable investment conditions and the short-term impact of a fiscal stimulus package in the United States..

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The draconian law foresees the application of the death penalty and long prison sentences for consensual sex between adults.,Taking integrated approaches and working to break down barriers is of utmost urgency, too, as crises and shocks are increasingly complex and span the economic, social and environmental spheres. ,According to IFAD, after spending remittances on basic needs such as food, housing, education and health, a sizable amount – over 0 billion, still remains – presenting a large pool of resources, which can then be invested in financial and tangible assets such as savings or small business development that help families build their future..

zuluprediction,But the US-initiated measures – put in place in the middle of last year - have also hit the Asian giant, to the tune of billion.,In 2021, developing countries accounted for 15 of the top 20 economies when it comes to the share of the population that owns cryptocurrencies..

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For example, in Lao PDR, 59 per cent of children under five in the minority Mon-Khmer ethnic group, have their births registered, compared to 80 per cent among the Lao-Tai ethnic group.,australia national cricket team score,The Envoy on Youth – who also acts as the adviser to and the representative of the Secretary-General on youth-related matters – was given the mandate to harmonize the UN system efforts on youth development, enhance the UN response to youth needs, advocate for addressing the development needs and rights of young people, as well as to bring the work of the United Nations with and for youth closer to them.,As countries grapple with a “dangerous recession” brought on by the pandemic, the Secretary-General emphasized the need for better global coordination to use resources in ways that are most efficient..

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“The success of the countries that are graduating reflects things like the improvement of the health and the education of the population, which extends to rural women, and the increase in incomes in the country, which extends to rural women,” she said.,mumbai indians social media,In a statement following on from the entry into force of the Prespa Agreement between the two countries on Tuesday, the UN Secretary-General confirmed that he had received official notification of the development, which settles a near 30-year dispute between the two neighbours.,While sounding the alarm over the planet’s unequal COVID-19 recovery and notable reductions in public spending for youth, older people and other vulnerable populations, officials from across the UN system stressed that this multipronged crisis has a “decidedly female face.”.

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“The strong appreciation of the Brazilian real was the main driver behind this rebound in sugar values. Despite the latest increase, sugar prices remain 26 per cent below the corresponding period last year,” FAO maintained.,20 ipl,Turning to the Korean Peninsula, Mr. Wang said China has contributed to the “major turnaround” and supports all-out improvement of relations between the North and the South of the Peninsula, as well as efforts to facilitate dialogues between the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the US.,This represents an alarming 24 per cent increase on 2020, according to the latest Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) survey, which aid agencies use to gauge levels of need..

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Highlighting the fact that seven in 10 Nigerians in towns and cities now live in informal settlements, the Special Rapporteur said that most remain without access to running water and toilets - and they are in constant fear of being turned out of their homes.,australia cricket betting sites,The report highlights a legion of converging challenges threatening SDG 2 to end all forms of malnutrition by 2030.,“That is an opportunity, which together, we should seize.”.

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“Corporal punishment is a violation of the Convention against Torture and must cease,” said UNAMA’s human rights chief Fiona Frazer, stressing that the UN is “strongly opposed” to the death penalty.,While manufacturers have sought to increase the shelf-life of foods by using them, healthier alternatives that would not affect taste or cost are available, says WHO.,Keeping up the global momentum on the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), he said the Assembly would organize three events between March and June..

The exhibition captures moments in time from the last seven decades of the millions of those who have, for one reason or another, become people on the move.,This process has brought the fight against corruption to a higher level, she explained, helping to harmonize legislation and international cooperation, and a peer-review process, adopted in 2009, has created momentum, advancing and evaluating the implementation of the Convention into domestic law.,“I’m very proud to be part of this historic event”, said Tofiga Fepulea’i, who hosted the concert in character as the popular television persona ‘Aunty Tala’. “Now is the time for us to come together, to celebrate the strength and solutions that are possible when the Pacific unites”..

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“The dominant story of the year has been the Ebola crisis that swept West Africa, claiming at least 11,000 lives and threatening hard-won social, economic and political achievements,” Mr. Ban said in his remarks on the Day, which is celebrated worldwide on 25 May.,“There is a clear interest of the Taliban also to engage with the international community and I think this is what gives also the international community some leverage.”,According to the forecast, lockdowns in Europe and North America are hitting the service sector hard, particularly industries that involve physical interactions such as retail trade, leisure and hospitality, recreation and transportation services. Collectively, such industries account for more than a quarter of all jobs in these economies..

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The Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Iran, said in a statement that the executions on Friday of Majid Kazemi, Saleh Mirhashemi and Saeed Yaghoubi, were “profoundly concerning in view of the reported involvement of these individuals in the protests that commenced in Iran on 16 September 2022, and allegations of their having been convicted and sentenced through confessions obtained under torture.”,“It is forcing us to answer difficult questions, confront uncomfortable facts; and to change course.” ,Ms. Mohammed said that some of the rapid population change is due to growing drivers of displacement, including conflict, poor economic prospects and, in some cases, climate-related hazards. But much of the mobility also stems from people seeking new opportunities – better jobs, education and training, expanded social and family connections, and more..

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The first-ever United Nations Global Sustainable Transport Conference concluded today in the Turkmen capital, with more than 50 countries endorsing the 'Ashgabat Statement on Commitments and Policy Recommendations,' with a view to supporting cleaner, greener transportation – from local transit systems to worldwide multimodal networks.,The report cites ‘short-termism’ ­– an excessive focus on projects that will yield quick profit at the expense of long-term interests like infrastructure improvement and job training – as among the major funding challenges to implementing the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development.,The report notes that reservoirs, irrigation canals and water treatment plants are not the only water management instruments at disposal..

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And if you feel a bit lost and haven’t quite caught up with everything that has been going on ahead of the 73rd General Assembly so far, here are a few ways of catching up fast:,“I intend to leverage the capacity of the office of the President of the General Assembly, to support ongoing global campaigns to beat plastic pollution. This will include complementary efforts by UN Environment, Global Citizen and National Geographic, amongst others.”,The editor in chief of the independent Russian news service, Novaya Gazeta – which was shuttered by the Kremlin in March following sweeping new restrictions on journalists in the wake of the Ukraine invasion – said that he and his colleagues chose the UN Children’s Fund UNICEF as the best non-governmental organization for the job of ensuring that the funds would reach all Ukrainian children in need..

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The diets of many vulnerable people living in east and south-east Asian countries are expected to be adversely impacted: pork is one of the world’s most widely consumed animals in many countries in the region, and the decline in production, as well as concerns about the future impact of ASF, has already led to price hikes.,The UN chief drew a parallel between the spirit of “understanding and compassion” which characterizes Ramadan, and the mission of the United Nations, “to foster dialogue, unity and peace.”,While data indicates that worldwide labour income inequality has fallen since the start of the period, ILO’s Mr. Gomis explained that this is because of growing prosperity in large emerging economies, namely China and India, rather than reductions in income gaps within countries..

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The cost of fuel is going up.  We’re already seeing at least a 0,000 per month additional cost for aviation fuel. On the fuel that we use to move trucks around the country– and the vast majority of what is moved for the humanitarian community is by truck – those prices have gone up by a million dollars a month.  If fuel prices continue as they are just today, that will be million more required just to move trucks around the country this year.,Mr. Guterres noted that globalization has brought many benefits, but it has left too many behind. ,“We must never let down our guard. We must be forever vigilant,” he warned, because The painful truth is that even today, antisemitism is everywhere. If anything, it is increasing in intensity.” .

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For the UNCTAD's director of investment and enterprise, James Zhan, the good news “masks the growing divergence in FDI flows between developed and developing economies, as well as the lag in a broad-based recovery of the greenfield investment in productive capacity.” ,Last year, UN News spoke to her about her life and work, for our podcast series, UN Gender Focus:,“Trade facilitation, particularly within and across Asia, is an integral part of the rebalancing required to support increased domestic and regional demand as a source of economic growth,” he stated..

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Although diverse and inclusive workplaces generate greater productivity, innovation and well-being, ILO’s Transforming Enterprises through Diversity and Inclusion, finds that too little is being done to make them a reality – particularly inclusion of minority groups – leaving enterprises, workers and societies missing out on significant gains.,WFP and FAO are seeking million to support a two-year Government response plan aimed at reinforcing national safety net programmes such as school meals, supporting resilience-building activities, and boosting agricultural production.,At the same time, bolstered by improving global economic conditions and world trade, air cargo demonstrated a strong rebound in 2017, recording a “robust” 9.5 per cent growth, a “significant improvement” from the 3.8 registered in 2016..

zuluprediction,He also called on international financial institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, to ensure that “their loan conditionalities, advice and proposals for economic reforms do not undermine the borrower state’s human rights obligations".,He asserted that technology is yielding enormous benefits, providing cures for disease, fighting hunger, boosting economic development and growth globally, and effectively addressing world problems..

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